About our club

Welcome to the GT-Battlezone homepage, a tabletop fan club from Guetersloh, North Rhine-Westfalia!

We are a group of 20-30 players who have been playing various strategy games for more than ten years. Mainly these include Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and Warmachine, but we also play other games such as Wings of War, Necromunda and Bloodbowl.

Focal point of the club life is the “Meeting”: We meet every Friday in the YMCA house “Don Bosco”, Dr. Thomas-Plassmann-Weg 13, 33335 Guetersloh (see map) to play games. The Meeting starts at 6.30pm. An important part of club life is also our internet forum, here we arrange our games or discuss other projects. The forum is in German, but don’t hesitate to ask questions in English.

Do you play Warhammer or other tabletop games? Wonderful, come on down and pay us a visit, we’re always looking for new players.

Enjoy reading!
The GT-Battlezone